A well stacked library consisting of more than 12,500 books and latest magazines are arranged in neatly constructed shelves and cupboards.

Library has been revamped totally with newly Decorated and New systems. A Library software  program has been launched which will enable students to easily seek the book they are looking for or author they are looking for. E-Attendance through card swipe and easily issue and return books using Bar-code will be practiced. All books are Bar-coded. Library looks right and inviting with New flooring and new furniture and enhanced lightnunew_e0.

  •  All students and staff are the members of the Library.
  • Library cards will be issued to students of classes IX TO XII which are to be kept safe.
  • Only one book only will be issued at one time and student is allowed to retain that for a week.
  • Reference  books cannot be taken out of the Library.
  • The Library books have to be maintained neat and tidy.
  • Marking, underlining and tearing off pages are strictly prohibited.
  • The cost of the book has to be paid for the loss or damage of the book.
  • The cost of the book has to be paid for the loss or damage of the book.The discretion of the Principal shall be final in deciding such matters.
  • A penalty of Rs.25 will be charged if the library card is lost or damaged.
  • The library tickets have to be surrendered before February 1st.
  • The student , who fails to surrender the library tickets , will not be permitted to write the examination.
  • Pin drop silence should be observed in the library.
  • Students are supposed to use only books in the library during their regular library period.


Time:3.50 to 4.30pm

Day                                                                std

Monday                                                           XII

Tuesday                                                          XI

Wednesday                                                     X

Thursday                                                         IX

Friday                                                           VI-VIII