The Students are expected to strictly adhere to the rules laid down by institution to maintain discipline:

  • Reporting time for classes I to IX is 8.45am and for classes X and XII is 7.55am.  Late coming is strictly prohibited.
  • Late attendance entries are to be acknowledged by the parents.
  • Students who are availing leave during forenoon session must meet the Principal/Vice Principal/Co-ordinator attending the afternoon session.
  • Bringing Mobile Phones,Data Cards,Camera,Pen Drives,CDs to school by students will invite disciplinary action against them.
  • Money transaction is strictly prohibited among students.
  • Students are expected to converse only in English inside the Campus.
  • Disrespect to teachers and disobedience will lead to strict disciplinary action.
  • Following Library rules is a must.
  • Students are expected to bring lunch towel and  spoon daily.
  • Students have to move in single file along the corridors and on the ground.
  • Students are advised to keep the campus clean.
  • The following actions are considered sufficient reasons for the dismissal of any student.

a. Irregular attendance.

b.Indulging in any kind of malpractice in tests/examinations.

c. Disrespect to teachers,school authorities and school properties.

  • Students are not permitted to leave the school premises during school hours without the permission of the Principal.
  • Students are not permitted to use two wheeler motor vehicles.
  • Any school property is to be respected and maintained properly.
  • Students are allowed to converse only in English except in languages classes.
  • GOVERNMENT DECLARED HOLIDAYS WILL BE HOLIDAYS ONLY  and the school will remain closed. phone calls will not be entertained and the school will remain closed.


  • A minimum attendance of 95% is requires for promotion.
  • Absent without leave letter will be considered as absent only.
  • Consecutive absent for 10 days without leave letter entails removal of name from the roll.
  • If a student is absent on ground of ill health, and it exceeds 3 days, the leave letter should be sent first and the medical certificate should be submitted when the student joins again.
  • Absence on the re-opening day is not permitted as it may lead to removal of students name from the roll.
  • Students affected by infectious diseases will not be permitted to attend the school till recovery.


  • Slip tests, regular weekly assignments, monthly tests and special tests(for X and XII)will be conducted to find out the students understanding and application ability.
  • If X, XI, XII students are absent for any one of the exams (Monday tests/ Mid Term tests / Terminal Exams / Revision Exams) they have to report to the Principal the very next day along with their parents before entering the class.
  • A separate minimum pass mark in science practicals is requied for classes X,XI &XII.
  • Answer papers of all the examinations except that of annual examination will be sent for parent’s perusal and signature.
  • Minimum 40% in each subject qualifies a student eligible for rank and promotion to the next class.
  • There is no provision for RE-TEST or EXAMINATION, unless it is warranted and approved by the Principal.


  • Parents are requested to collect the progress card on the dates specified after each terminal examination along with their wards .Students must come in green/ brown uniform.
  • Only Parents can collect the report cards and not their representatives.
  • Parents can meet and discuss with the teachers concerned of all subjects on these days.
  • Parents should carefully go through the marks and comments/ suggestions given by the teachers and do the needful for improving their ward’s performance and co-operate with the teachers for better achievement.
  • The report card should be returned to the class teachers within three days after the issue, with parent’s signature.