June 2014 Events

JUNE 2014


02.06.2014– Reopening for students

16.6.14-Reopening for XI students (Orientation Programme for STD XI


TN SC Forum Jantar Mantar Quiz

Category(6-8)-Sruthi.s(VII A),Aravind S N VIII (1st)

Category(9-10) – Bassu S S Nair (IX B),Kaushik L (IX A)

Pradeepa K C(X D) 1st

21.6.14- Children Participated in Drawing Competition.

Topic “Rain water Harvest” at Nehru Stadium Organized by Coimbatore Association.

30.06.14-Shobanaa K (XII B) won the 3rd prize in Elocution Competition organized by “Chartered Accountants of India”.


Badminton (CDBA)

13yrs Ajay Abhiskek( Runner up)

15yrs Arul Mozhi C VIIII C (winner)

15yrs Prakesh Ram VIII C (Semi final)

19.06.14 to 22.6.14


u-17yrs TN State Ranking Arul Mozhi (Semi final)

Doubles- Arul Mozhi (Runner )



u-14yrs National Mohana Lakshmi VI (Selected)