Department of Tamil
Ms. Amudha R  M.A.,B.Ed.,
Ms. Isabella Sophia R M.A.,B.Ed.,
Mr. Selvaraj P D.TEd.,M.A.,B.Ed.,M.Phil.,
Ms. Sangeetha B M.A.,B.Ed.,
Department of English
Ms.Dharrani B B.A.,B.Ed.
Ms.Prasanna J M.A.,B.Ed.

Department of Mathematics
Ms. Suseela G B.Sc., M.Ed.
Ms. Jayanthi M M.Sc., B.Ed.
Ms. Ramya H B.Sc., B.Ed.

Ms. Michael Rosario A  M.Sc., M.Ed.

Department of Science
Ms. Vatsala C M.Sc., B.Ed.
Ms. Visalalatshi A M.Sc., B.Ed.

Ms. Rani S M.Sc., B.Ed.

Department of  Social Science
Ms.Sakila S M.A., B.Ed.
Ms.Uma Maheswari M.Sc., B.Ed.
Ms.Maheswari B M.A.,M.Ed.
Ms.Panner Selvi R B.Sc.,M.A.,D.El.Ed.

Department of Computer Science
Ms.Subashree  R M.C.A., M.Phil., B.Ed.
Ms.Gurulakshmi K M.C.A., B.Ed.

Department of Physical Education
Mr. Rajeev R B.P.E
Ms.Umabharathi T B.P.E.,B.P.Ed.

Mr.Babu D.YNS Yoga
Mrs. Revathi S B.Sc.,MLIS  Librarian
Ms.Ruckmani Revathi E Diploma in Nursing Nurse

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